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Lucy, 18. I aim to drink a lot less coffee and never, ever watch the ten o clock news.

Let me know if you need anything tagged. xo

I’ve been down to the desk twice and they’ve reassured me its fine and that some people haven’t even paid the first installment yet but my brain is doing backflips, I’m too scared to cook food when people are in the kitchen, and in general I am exhausted aren’t I fucking great

I’m having an all round bad mental health day today and my loan has not come in so I can’t pay my rent which is making everything feel so much more worse, I want to cry but feel like my flatmates will judge me lol

obviously I make friends with the most beautiful boy ever at the lgbtq social, people kept coming up to me telling me to hook them up.. seriously though he is the most attractive person I’ve ever met I’ve never wanted to be a cis gay boy more

29 September 2014


why is liam

the realest post on this website

having a weird two am crisis of whether I am settling into uni properly and whether I’m actually making friends or am I just bothering people mmmm

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